Divi velniņi (Two Little Devils)


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2005 Fragments from the story “Two Little Devils” by Latvian writer Rūdolfs Blaumanis (1863-1908)

I. The Gate of Hell.

Once upon a time two little Devils,
who wanted to escape Hell,
and wanted to see the big World,
about which their Mother had told so much,
noticed that the Guard was asleep.
They ran to the Gate, and because they could not reach the key,
one climbed on the shoulders of the other and opened the Gate.
With all their strength they pushed it and snuck out.
When the Gate fell closed with a loud noise, the Guard awoke,
but since he did not see anything, he thought he had heard this in his dreams.

II. The World’s Brightness

At the moment they were out of Hell, God’s bright Sun blinded their eyes, which were
only used to the Fire of Hell.
Oh, how wonderful was the World!
They played with birds and squirrels all day!

III. The First Night’s Cold

After the adventurous First Day came the First Night,
and the two little Devils wanted to sleep.
But the night was so cold and because they were used to the heat of Hell,
they could not sleep one minute.

IV. Deeds and Misdeeds.

Then they started to wander and found a Farmer’s property.
This was a great Oppotunity to start their Misdeeds.
“Let’s do him some big Harm!” said one little Devil
and the other one agreed with great pleasure.
But some how all their misdeeds did not work in a way the two little Devils expected.
What ever they were doing, Farmer became more and more lucky and rich.

The adventure for two little Devils turned not in a pleasent way later too,
but this is already an other story.

video by Edmunds Mickus

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