Uguns rituāls (Fire Ritual)


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(Fire Ritual), 2007 for organ solo

I. Gathering at the Holy Site 04:31
II. Evocation of the Gods 05:10
III. Sacrifice and Walking in a Circle 05:28
Performed by Ligita Sneibe at the Rigas Cathedral, 2008 February

Program note:

A fire ritual among the ancient Baltic tribes usually took place 4 times per year-at the summer and winter solstices and at the spring and autumn equinoxes, when the day and night are equal in length.
In the autumn, people gave thanks for the harvest, but in the winter they sank into contemplation, burning away all negative energy and emotions and illnesses.
In the spring they sought to cleanse themselves and prayed for success in working the land, and in the summer they prayed fo the sun.

The rituals had a strictly observed order:

1) the choice of location and time,
2) the evocation of the chosen element-Fire, Water, Earth, or Wind gods and sacrifice
3) the ritual itself-walking in a circle, chanting prayers, singing songs, praising the fire, giving thanks, etc.

Score is available by publisher Musica Baltica:


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